Player Scores - indexed by Doll Average - 2021

Player   Played Dolls Sixes Avg Max Team Section
1Neil Lyon783111.914Three Pigeons Section B
2Jeff Glenister55611.213Morris MaraudersSection B
3Martyn Pitts666111.013Athletico TalbotSection A
4Ady Pitts771310.114Athletico TalbotSection A
5Mark Revill11010.010Sporty RejectsSection A
6Kevin Baker7699.914Curbridge GriffinsSection A
7Josh Brakspear54929.813Three Pigeons Section B
8John Smyth5489.613Duck SportsSection A
9Jamie Warner87619.513West Witney SSCSection C
10David Edwards5479.412GriffinsSection A
11Paul Gill76529.313Bell BSection A
12Antony Algar6549.012Three Pigeons Section B
13Steve Bowers199.09Eynsham SSCSection C
14Dave Lee5459.012GriffinsSection A
15Neil Tanner199.09Athletico TalbotSection A
16Tony Grant76218.911BlankersSection B
17Alan Frost4358.811BlankersSection B
18Colin Weston3268.710Morris MidgetsSection B
19Chris Smith5438.611Bampton DucksSection A
20Dave Hunt5438.610Grifters Section B
21Wayne Townsend7598.411Three Pigeons Section B
22Andy Wallington 4338.313Carterton SocialSection B
23Darrell Fisher54118.210Carterton SocialSection B
24Neil Robey5408.012Carterton SocialSection B
25Fred Cook3248.09Athletico TalbotSection A
26Martin Seacole4328.010Morris MaraudersSection B
27Ian Howie7568.010Duck SportsSection A
28Richard Biles2168.08Morris MidgetsSection B
29Steve Warner188.08West Witney SSCSection C
30Iain Taylor 6488.011Grifters Section B
31Max Everett5408.010Bell BSection A
32Roland Finch7547.711Duck SportsSection A
33Eddie Edwards7547.711GriffinsSection A
34Gareth Clack75417.713Athletico TalbotSection A
35Steve Cleaver 7537.69Duck SportsSection A
36Daniel Reading5387.610Sporty RejectsSection A
37Thomas Gonzales7537.611Fox LeafieldSection C
38Martin Spindlow86017.511Curbridge GriffinsSection A
39Julian Richens2157.58Faringdon FCSection B
40Richard Wheeler2157.58Morris MaraudersSection B
41Simon Copperwheat 6457.510Sticks Of FurySection D
42Steve Whipp7527.410BlankersSection B
43Steven Berry7527.410Bell BSection A
44Dan Wells6437.210West Witney SSCSection C
45Darren Taylor6427.010Grifters Section B
46Paul Wright4287.011Bell BSection A
47Dale Edmunds4287.011Bell BSection A
48Jamie Hodges2147.08Sporty RejectsSection A
49Dave Lathey5357.011Bampton DucksSection A
50Ryan Hewer5357.010Athletico TalbotSection A
51John Hollifield 7497.09Minster Lovell SSCSection C
52Ben Lyon177.07Three Pigeons Section B
53Melvin Lewington 3217.08Sporty RejectsSection A
54Ben Spencer7497.08Minster Lovell SSCSection C
55Jamie Rideout6427.08Jockey ClubSection A
56Joss Hall2147.07Sporty RejectsSection A
57Darren Lloyd7497.011Athletico TalbotSection A
58Luke Woodcock177.07Three Pigeons Section B
59Jude Miranda3217.08GriffindorsSection E
60Perry Tinson2147.07Lamb & Flag BSection E
61Tom Bryant3217.08Sporty RejectsSection A
62David Parker6427.010Swinbrook CCSection D
63Ed Dunn7486.910Minster Lovell SSCSection C
64Martin Giles7486.99GriffinsSection A
65Russell Brooks5346.811Bampton DucksSection A
66Rich Gidlow6416.811Bampton DucksSection A
67Simon Chatterton5346.810Morris ClownsSection B
68Darran Gilbert3206.78Morris ClownsSection B
69Ian Luckett6406.79Bell BSection A
70James Arkell7476.710Cross Keys Section D
71Harry Ebsworth 3206.79Minster Lovell SSCSection C
72Nick Howse 8536.610Minster Lovell SSCSection C
73Stuart Coats5336.69BlankersSection B
74Nick Newman5336.68Athletico TalbotSection A
75Will Smith74616.69Morris MinorsSection C
76Marc Walker4266.58Bampton DucksSection A
77Jack Bools8526.58Witney Snooker ClubSection A
78Dickie Weedon4266.57Morris MaraudersSection B
79Steve Pearce4266.57Horseshoe DriftersSection D
80Andy Stratford8516.49Eynsham SSCSection C
81Brian Carter5326.47Duck SportsSection A
82Christian Boughton7456.49Witney Snooker ClubSection A
83Gareth Clarke4256.37Grifters Section B
84Steve Stallard6386.38Faringdon FCSection B
85John Ayres8506.38Eynsham SSCSection C
86Kevin Giles63716.29GriffinsSection A
87Ade Winstone6376.29Jockey ClubSection A
88Dennis Martin5316.212BlankersSection B
89Danny Patching8496.110Bell ASection C
90Graeme Woodward4246.07Homeless HobgoblinsSection E
91Jack Ray5306.09Lamb & Flag BSection E
92Dan Hill166.06Lamb & Flag BSection E
93Geoff Holliday 7426.010WindysSection B
94Will Money7426.09Morris MinorsSection C
95Joe Wright5306.07Morris ClownsSection B
96Gary Billows166.06Fox LeafieldSection C
97Paul Summers5306.08WomblesSection E
98Geoff Gibbons2126.08Fox LeafieldSection C
99David Reynolds7426.08Clanfield FCSection C
100Jason Sprigg3186.08Jockey ClubSection A
101Garry Hazel166.06Duck SportsSection A
102Craig Freeman2126.09Sporty RejectsSection A
103John Rideout8475.97Witney Snooker ClubSection A
104Ewan Lloyd7415.99Morris MinorsSection C
105Ray Sturdy8475.98Windrush CockerelsSection C
106Craig Harris8475.99Bell ASection C
107Paul Quarterman8475.97Windrush CockerelsSection C
108Stewart Cable4235.88WomblesSection E
109Mick Buchanan8465.810Windrush CockerelsSection C
110Bill Mills6355.810Curbridge GriffinsSection A
111Lawrence Edwards5295.89Carps ASection D
112Nigel Lywood5295.88Horseshoe DriftersSection D
113Clint Rudd6355.89Bell BSection A
114Kevin Hayes8465.811Rose & CrownSection C
115Mick Scivier4235.88Social MisfitsSection E
116Sean Waldron5295.88Eynsham SSCSection C
117Paul Neal5295.89Jockey ClubSection A
118Malcolm Bennett 5295.810WindysSection B
119Dave Rogers6355.88Bell ASection C
120Dale Rainbow7405.711GriffinsSection A
121Tom Valentine3175.77Morris MidgetsSection B
122Stephen Hill7405.79Jockey ClubSection A
123Steve Brasier7405.79Witney Snooker ClubSection A
124Dan Johnson3175.77Eynsham SSCSection C
125Kevin Joyce7405.79Windrush CockerelsSection C
126Paul Pickett6345.78Jockey ClubSection A
127Kieran Mullins8455.68Fox LeafieldSection C
128Richard Parker5285.69Swinbrook CCSection D
129Luke Hessey5285.67Lamb & Flag CSection D
130Graham Nowlan5285.67Three Pigeons Section B
131Simon Wilson5285.67West Witney SSCSection C
132Craig Pullen5285.67BlankersSection B
133Steve King7395.68Rose & CrownSection C
134Trevor Bradley8455.69Clanfield FCSection C
135Alan Major2115.56Eynsham SSCSection C
136Alun Hellings8445.510TouchlinersSection E
137Nick Price6335.57Carps ASection D
138Kev Robbins2115.58Morris MaraudersSection B
139Andrew Money2115.56Morris ClownsSection B
140Nic Pritcher6335.58Bampton DucksSection A
141Ollie Weaver6335.58Morris MinorsSection C
142Alan Oliver4225.57Morris ClownsSection B
143Dave Holliday 6335.59WindysSection B
144Liam Wright6335.58Witney Snooker ClubSection A
145Jon Crump2115.57Sporty RejectsSection A
146Terry Hunt8425.39Bell ASection C
147Gavin Carter3165.36Grifters Section B
148Tom Merchant8425.38Witney Snooker ClubSection A
149Paul Farmer6325.36Faringdon FCSection B
150Kieran King 4215.38Lamb & Flag BSection E
151Jake Billows6325.311Fox LeafieldSection C
152Stephen Smith3165.38Morris MidgetsSection B
153Stuart Rainbow4215.37GriffinsSection A
154Martin Pratley6325.310Curbridge GriffinsSection A
155Kevin Burch6325.37Cross Keys Section D
156Kevin Grant8425.38Curbridge GriffinsSection A
157Shaun Allen3165.38Rose & CrownSection C
158Carl Campbell5265.27Sticks Of FurySection D
159Tom Matthews5265.28Windrush CockerelsSection C
160Stuart Morrison 6315.28Cross Keys Section D
161Aidan Foard4215.28Lamb & Flag CSection D
162Paul Harris8415.18Fox LeafieldSection C
163Rob Booth155.05GriffindorsSection E
164Wayne Caff5255.07Sticks Of FurySection D
165Simon Gibbs5255.08Carps ASection D
166Richard Smith7355.08Three Pigeons Section B
167Paul Shepherd2105.07Morris MidgetsSection B
168Billy Rideout7355.010Jockey ClubSection A
169Alan Morris155.05Bell BSection A
170Jonno Woodward5255.06Homeless HobgoblinsSection E
171Clive Warner3155.07West Witney SSCSection C
172Wayne Forrest155.05Jockey ClubSection A
173Francis Griffindor155.05GriffindorsSection E
174Mark Paterson6305.08Rose & CrownSection C
175Ian Wright 2105.07Minster Lovell SSCSection C
176Darren Frankin4205.06Witney Snooker ClubSection A
177Grayson Fisher 3155.06Carterton SocialSection B
178Tom Poole155.05Morris MidgetsSection B
179Ryan Stockford2105.06Eynsham SSCSection C
180Dan Oakley7355.07WindysSection B
181Paul Woalf155.05Jockey ClubSection A
182Stuart Cotten 5255.09Carterton SocialSection B
183Lee Parsons8394.97Eynsham SSCSection C
184Roy Telling6294.88TouchlinersSection E
185Steve Bircher5244.88BlankersSection B
186Simon Sparks4194.87WomblesSection E
187Andy Gould6294.86Bell ASection C
188Steve Long52414.88White Hart MLSection D
189Matt Hutton5244.86Homeless HobgoblinsSection E
190Pete Coates4194.89Sporty RejectsSection A
191Ben Campion4194.87WomblesSection E
192Liam Britten6284.78Rose & CrownSection C
193Martin Day6284.78Windrush CockerelsSection C
194Andy Warren3144.77Eynsham SSCSection C
195David Adams5234.66Curbridge GriffinsSection A
196Steve Mace5234.68Morris ClownsSection B
197Trevor Bartlett8374.67West Witney SSCSection C
198Jeff Conway5234.67White Hart MLSection D
199Ray Peachy 5234.68Duck SportsSection A
200Daniel Cox5234.67Morris MaraudersSection B
201Henry Crowther 4184.57Minster Lovell SSCSection C
202Matt Nind294.55Grifters Section B
203Jack Holt294.56Lamb & Flag CSection D
204Richard Oakley4184.57Windrush CockerelsSection C
205Colin Smith294.56Three Pigeons Section B
206Tyler Romanek4184.57Horseshoe DriftersSection D
207Andrew Ashman8354.410Rose & CrownSection C
208Paul Valentine5224.46Horseshoe DriftersSection D
209Mick Stickley7314.47TouchlinersSection E
210Desmond Patrick-Smith5224.46Carps ASection D
211Steve Brooks5224.46Bampton DucksSection A
212Jenny Stallard5224.46Faringdon FCSection B
213Pete Dransfield6264.38Sherborne SocialSection E
214Charlie Bennett 3134.36Sticks Of FurySection D
215Chris Birks3134.38TouchlinersSection E
216Paul Bircher4174.36BlankersSection B
217Alex Rawle4174.36Morris MinorsSection C
218Jez Hicks4174.37Sticks Of FurySection D
219Ian Bartlett8344.39West Witney SSCSection C
220Don Emslie5214.28Horseshoe DriftersSection D
221Laurence Taylor5214.27Morris MinorsSection C
222Callum Dadge6254.28Swinbrook CCSection D
223Gordon Kane5214.26White Hart MLSection D
224Olly Lyon6254.26Homeless HobgoblinsSection E
225Nathan Scott5214.27Swinbrook 2ndsSection E
226Jimmy Richens6254.26Faringdon FCSection B
227Pete Sharpin6254.28Rose & CrownSection C
228Adie Whitford5214.26Carps ASection D
229Ally Farmer8334.17Clanfield FCSection C
230Mark Taylor7294.16Clanfield FCSection C
231Nick Read3124.05Morris ClownsSection B
232Josh Hartley144.04Lamb & Flag CSection D
233Bryony Ormonde144.04Three Pigeons Section B
234Clive Arnold4164.06Rose & CrownSection C
235Jamie Smith284.07Horseshoe DriftersSection D
236Andrew Wingfield-Digby 5204.06Swinbrook CCSection D
237Paul Streeter3124.06GriffindorsSection E
238Jack Wilkins6244.06Lamb & Flag CSection D
239David Knight144.04Morris MaraudersSection B
240Peter Hanley5204.05WindysSection B
241Miche Titera6244.05Bell ASection C
242Curtis Hathaway 144.04Lamb & Flag BSection E
243Alan Croxford6244.06Social MisfitsSection E
244Stew Mooney4164.07Sherborne SocialSection E
245Liam Durkin 284.07Grifters Section B
246Wayne Dadge284.07Swinbrook CCSection D
247Pete Illingworth284.04Morris ClownsSection B
248Stephen Burbridge144.04Minster Lovell SSCSection C
249Richard Brumble284.04Dolly SpartanSection E
250Sam Wright 6244.06Lamb & Flag BSection E
251Janey Smith3124.05Homeless HobgoblinsSection E
252Martin Jordan5204.05White Hart MLSection D
253Bob Brown6233.85Social MisfitsSection E
254Liam Irvine5193.86Swinbrook CCSection D
255Jordan Cormack5193.86Lamb & Flag CSection D
256Ben Macferson5193.86Sticks Of FurySection D
257Keith Hudson4153.85Swinbrook 2ndsSection E
258Mark Bishop4153.85GriffindorsSection E
259Adrian Gavins6223.78Sherborne SocialSection E
260Geoff Shirley3113.74Curbridge GriffinsSection A
261Karl Tyler3113.74Fox LeafieldSection C
262Ian Grey3113.74Morris MaraudersSection B
263Will Brown3113.76Lamb & Flag CSection D
264Giles Wooliams3113.74Clanfield FCSection C
265GT Godwin5183.65WomblesSection E
266Nigel Connell273.57Swinbrook 2ndsSection E
267Karl Prichard8273.45Morris MinorsSection C
268Paddy Clarke5173.47Faringdon FCSection B
269Dennis Winter6203.35Faringdon FCSection B
270Martyn Morrison 6203.36Cross Keys Section D
271Jordan Huggard4133.34Sporty RejectsSection A
272Tom Iverson 3103.35Lamb & Flag CSection D
273Steve Jenkins8263.36TouchlinersSection E
274Mark Vaughn4133.35GriffindorsSection E
275Jason Meade4133.35Carterton SocialSection B
276Liam Frost4133.34WomblesSection E
277Donny Henderson-Sowerby 4133.36Dolly SpartanSection E
278Bob Cooke3103.37Duck SportsSection A
279Matt Sykes6203.37Homeless HobgoblinsSection E
280James O'Driscoll3103.35Fox LeafieldSection C
281Jamie Conroy6193.24Fox LeafieldSection C
282Mark Lambert5163.25White Hart MLSection D
283Carl Strutt5163.25Sticks Of FurySection D
284Nick Gibbs6193.27Carps ASection D
285Dave Hughes 5163.25Cross Keys Section D
286Simon Barker8253.15West Witney SSCSection C
287Andrew Clemens7223.17Clanfield FCSection C
288Cody Davies 393.04Lamb & Flag CSection D
289Scott Summers263.04WomblesSection E
290Tom Walker133.03Swinbrook CCSection D
291Gary Hill263.03Homeless HobgoblinsSection E
292Graham Ray133.03Lamb & Flag BSection E
293David Pryse133.03Dolly SpartanSection E
294Alan Cox6183.04Grifters Section B
295Sue Pearce263.05Horseshoe DriftersSection D
296Tim Baston133.03Bell BSection A
297Rory O'Neill133.03Lamb & Flag BSection E
298Sue Carruthers7213.05TouchlinersSection E
299Richard Woodward133.03Grifters Section B
300Keith Curtis133.03Athletico TalbotSection A
301Mick Scott133.03Swinbrook 2ndsSection E
302Graham Ray133.03Lamb & Flag BSection E
303Darren Wilkins263.04Lamb & Flag CSection D
304Tian Smith393.05Sticks Of FurySection D
305Jack Wood133.03Lamb & Flag BSection E
306Steve Newport133.03Carps ASection D
307Tom Williams 5153.05Dolly SpartanSection E
308Ian Morris133.03Clanfield FCSection C
309Robbie Watson4123.04Eynsham SSCSection C
310Geraint Chatwell4123.04Morris ClownsSection B
311Steve Oakey133.03GriffinsSection A
312Phil 263.04Horseshoe DriftersSection D
313Kevin Clements263.03Duck SportsSection A
314Dave Eales6172.84Cross Keys Section D
315Adam Bennett 5142.84WindysSection B
316Paul Howse 4112.84GriffindorsSection E
317John Ritchie 6162.75Lamb & Flag BSection E
318Dan Brooks382.75Eynsham SSCSection C
319Joel Lewis 382.73GriffindorsSection E
320Alf Godfrey 5132.66Social MisfitsSection E
321Mick Burbage 8212.64Minster Lovell SSCSection C
322Craig Sollis252.53WindysSection B
323Josh Rhodes6152.55Bell ASection C
324John Pratt252.53Windrush CockerelsSection C
325Gerg Carvour4102.55Swinbrook 2ndsSection E
326Jamie Hopkins 4102.53Dolly SpartanSection E
327Steve Hawkins4102.53WindysSection B
328Teresa Drinkwater4102.54Sherborne SocialSection E
329Valerie Gavins4102.54Sherborne SocialSection E
330John Cassidy6152.54Social MisfitsSection E
331Jon Roff5122.45Clanfield FCSection C
332Mike Clifton492.33Homeless HobgoblinsSection E
333Chelle Tyson-Craddock6142.34Sherborne SocialSection E
334Keith Johnson5112.26Curbridge GriffinsSection A
335Naomi Godfrey6132.25TouchlinersSection E
336Rob Mutch122.02Lamb & Flag CSection D
337Mark Cross5102.04GriffindorsSection E
338Stuart Reynolds122.02Clanfield FCSection C
339Lewis Mills 362.04Lamb & Flag BSection E
340Liz Godfrey482.05Social MisfitsSection E
341Paul Rutterford 242.02Carterton SocialSection B
342Rocky Stallard122.02Eynsham SSCSection C
343John Reid122.02Fox LeafieldSection C
344James Earle 122.02GriffindorsSection E
345Brendon Roberts122.02West Witney SSCSection C
346Jack Vaughn122.02GriffindorsSection E
347Tony Johnson482.05GriffindorsSection E
348Andy Hessey122.02Lamb & Flag CSection D
349Jacqui Lewis122.02Carterton SocialSection B
350Frank Churchill362.03GriffindorsSection E
351Grahame Mathews122.02WomblesSection E
352Peter Cox242.03Fox LeafieldSection C
353Josh Hookins 362.03Dolly SpartanSection E
354Chris King242.03Morris MidgetsSection B
355Lucy Hill 471.83Dolly SpartanSection E
356Lorretta Newton591.82Swinbrook 2ndsSection E
357Josh Walkington 351.74Dolly SpartanSection E
358Callum Clayton351.73Lamb & Flag BSection E
359Tom Clarke351.73Morris MinorsSection C
360Pete Hark351.73Carps ASection D
361David Tillyer351.73Morris MaraudersSection B
362Josh Wingfield-Digby 571.43Swinbrook CCSection D
363Ali Tyson-Craddock341.32Sherborne SocialSection E
364Clive Davies451.33Social MisfitsSection E
365Steve Drinkwater561.22Sherborne SocialSection E
366Alex Thomson 221.01Dolly SpartanSection E
367Mark Borrett331.02GriffindorsSection E
368Joe Collins551.02White Hart MLSection D
369Lisa Harrop441.02Swinbrook 2ndsSection E
370Des Ogilvie111.01Minster Lovell SSCSection C
371Robbie Chatwell111.01Morris MinorsSection C
372Gary Clarkson111.01Bell BSection A
373Tom Hutton111.01Homeless HobgoblinsSection E
374Connor Sollis111.01WindysSection B
375A Temp111.01TouchlinersSection E
376Peter Holt111.01Swinbrook CCSection D
377Ash Mills111.01Lamb & Flag BSection E
378Len Wilkins320.72Sherborne SocialSection E
379Mimi Lindsay210.51Swinbrook 2ndsSection E
380Shaun Morgan210.51TouchlinersSection E
381Steve Lewis100.00Carterton SocialSection B
382Lowri Gerrard200.00Swinbrook 2ndsSection E
383Olly Griffindor200.00GriffindorsSection E
384Ross Hedges 200.00Dolly SpartanSection E
385Callum Atkinson100.00WomblesSection E