(Matches drawn on the night)
Mens Singles Sunday June 26th 8:00pm start  
(Played to Semi-Finalists)
Morris Clown (Blue)
Morris Clown (Orange)
Fred Cook  Scott Thompson John Smyth Steve Whipp
Paul Gill Ian Luckett Lennon Boughton Ryan Hewer
Darren Taylor Keith Curtis Grayson Fisher Ady Pitts
Max Everett Jack Bools Tim Caswell Roland Finch
Jason Meade Stan Webb Neil Robey Gareth Clack
Steve Berry Nick Newman Thomas Finney Darrell Fisher
Alan Frost Kevin Crouch Glyn Davis Martyn Pitts
Stuart Cotten Thomas Soanes Ian Jervis Danny Caswell
Richard Jackson    
Withdrawn + apology  
No Show  
Ladies Singles Sunday August 14th  7:00pm start 
(Played to Finalists)
Chelle Tyson-Craddock  Carole Govier
Adele Butler  Isla Fisher
Teresa Drinkwater  Cara Friend
Naomi Godfrey  Caitlin Weller
Michelle New
Jo Fowler
Withdrawn + apology    
No Show