2020 - 60 teams registered
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So, that's all for the unbelievable season of 2020. Next year - who knows, but check here periodically.
Virtual Finals Winners - see - 'Competitions'->'Virtual Finals'
Fed up of watching re-runs of 'Hancock's Half Hour' and 'No Minister' ?
We can't give you real Aunt Sally during the Covid-19 restrictions, but in an attempt to be creative, we are going to run a VIRTUAL LEAGUE.
We've now got 60 teams registered and have a created a league of 6 sections, loosely based on last year's finishing positions with the traditional
promotions and relegations.
So, let's play safe Aunt Sally !
How will it work?
A fixtures list has been created (see League->Fixtures List) for an 18 week season, starting as usual on the first Thursday in May (7th).
Note that in the case of multiple teams, no attempt has been made to avoid 'home game conflicts', because this is virtual.
Between 9:00pm and 10:00pm, HAL9000 (Google it if you don't know!) will work his magic and randomly score each of the 30 games.
Each game will be RANDOMLY ascribed a winner and loser with leg scores and doll scores (based on ranges from last season's sections)
- thus at the end of the season there will be a clear section winner.
The 'Team Status' page on the web site will update dynamically and display the current section results, so that you can follow them.
You'll be able to link to Team Stats, but not Player Stats - because it's Virtual.
At the end of the season, each section winning team will be presented with £80 (real!) to distribute amongst its players.
Can I get involved?
Not physically, obviously, but for the duration of the Virtual League, we're going to run an on-line Forum, so you can add your comments to the
on-going proceedings. It will be moderated, so please keep it clean and reasonably polite. It will be available from lunchtime on the 7th May.
Looking at the 'Virtual Key Dates' list will show that we've incorporated all of the usual competition heats on Sunday nights.
The eventual winners of each competition will be allowed to keep the approriate trophy for a year and will be rewarded with a shiny £10 note.
(With the predictions of a cashless society coming out of this, it may end up being a voucher for the Morris Clown).
Captains will need to do a bit of work here - Competition Registration will be open between May 9th and June 4th - and you'll need to register
your entrants in the usual way.
On the night, you'll be able to log onto the main 'Competition' page and watch a 'hosted' video of the appropriate heats, played down to finalists.
Once lockdown is lifted, we're hoping to hold a (real) Finals to play off these competitions and to award trophies and cash. (TBC)
Next Steps
We've already emailed all captains, which is probably why you're reading this right now.
Sections and fixtures are drawn up and published. We've coded the web site for a kick-off on Thursday May 7th at 9:00pm,
so get the beers in and pull up a comfy chair in front of the screen from 9:00pm onwards.
 Any queries - you know where to call