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.. and a six from ..
... Jack Bools (Rush) - Section A
Really ....???
Looks very much like a snowstorm at Sherborne last night !! - No AI was involved in this photograph.
First sixes of the season...
One goes to an ecstatic Rob Normington of Pheasant Pluckers - Section C
And another one to Mark Walker - Bampton Ducks - Premier Section
Key Changes for 2024
Gav Carter (Grifters) stepped down having served since 2011 and Bez Berry (Bell B) and Jamie New (Faringdon Follicles) were elected.  
Jamie will have additional responsibility for 'the techy stuff' in the future.  
Heats - will be played out to finalists.  
Tossing - (COMPETITIONS ONLY) - in order to speed games up -  
Winner of the toss gets full choice in legs 1 & 3 (inc 3/1 stickers); loser gets choice in leg 2.  
Date changes -  
Instead of the mid-season Thursday being 8 A Side Round 2, it will be used for ALL singles heats.  
The season is therefore extended for a week to complete the 8s heats – finishing Thursday Sept 26th  
The Pairs competition heats have been moved from Sunday 14/07 to Sunday 23/06 to avoid a possible conflict with Euro 2024 Finals.  
NEW - Beer League Competition  
A £75 cash prize will be awarded to one team in each section for the highest number of beer leg wins in the season.  
In the event of a draw, beer leg dolls will decide the winner.  
If the numbers of players in the beer leg differ, scores will be taken from those who participated in the league legs.  
If a team declines to play the beer leg, the other team will be awarded 1 point immediately and average dolls at (and after) Week 9.  
Entry is entirely voluntary and requires the team to send in a weekly photo of the scoreboard clearly identifying both teams and the beer leg doll totals.  
The entry deadline is Sunday night - same as the score deadline. Late entries will not be added to the cumulative score.  
You can send the photo to either :- or WhatsApp it to 07769 941162.  
Periodically, running totals will be published on the web site on a new link 'Beer League Table' in the 'League' section.  
Below is an example of what the League table might look like- (It's only an example - don't get ratty!)  
Food Agreement Policy:- is scrapped.  
If these trials are successful, some of them may be incorporated into the Rules for next year.  
The full AGM minutes are published on the 'Document Downloads' page.  
Section B - team withdrawn
Accepting the irony of the article below, regrettably have to inform all section B teams that Misfits have withdrawn from the league and  
therefore you're back to having a bye in your section.  
Fixtures have been updated (v 5.0) - please destroy any previous versions.  
Welcome to new teams for 2024
In the shrinking world of Aunt Sally, we're pleased to welcome FIVE new teams to the league this season :-  
Elmo 2 Elm Tree Witney  
Firefoxes Kidlington FC  
Old Swan Old Swan Minster Lovell  
Plough Finstock  
Tower Hill West Witney SSC  
...and the return of Minster Lovell SSC  
Subscription fees - update
Reminder - to teams that still haven't paid - league or 8s results will be voided unless/until payment received.  
This year's fees remain at £50 per team for the third consecutive year (all inclusive)  
Bank details can be found on the 'Contact Us' page.  
Supplies of Aunt Sally kit
With registration complete, thoughts are doubtless turning towards getting the throw ready for the season, so a word about suppliers.  
In the 'Documents Download' section is a page dedicated to equipment suppliers.  
Sticks, dolls, posts and swivels continue to be supplied by Brian Collins. Prices have been updated for 2024.  
Backdrops - with our previous supplier having gone out of business, we have found a replacement - Witney Shirts at New Yatt.  
You'll need to define precise dimensions to obtain a quotation.  
Committee Member Vacancy - NOW FILLED
This year we are inviting members to apply for a vacancy on the Committee.  
If you’re interested and would like to support the operation of the league, get in touch by phone or email.  
Team Registration 2024 - get a freebie
If you introduce a new team for 2024, we'll give you free registration next season providing they fulfil at least half a season's matches.  
As a consequence of difficult communication with some of the lower section teams last season, the Committee reserves the right to refuse  
entry to teams with previous poor behaviour. We may also return to capping a decade number of teams to remove byes.  
Register early to avoid disappointment.