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First documents for 2020
 20th Feb
'Key Dates' and 'Pre AGM Newsletter' are now published on the 'Document Downloads' page and can be viewed or printed.
 Web Site changes for 2020
 1st Feb
From the 2020 season, captains will need to register a username & password in order to log-in.
A log-in is required to carry out any of the following :-
  • Team registration/Add new players/Edit team details/Change log-in
  • Entering Scores
  • Correcting scorecard errors (new)
  • Competition entries
Correcting score errors is one of the most useful new features for 2020.
Historically, if an error was made in entering a score, a phone call/email to Sec resulted in the whole scorecard being wiped and was then re-entered by
one of the captains.
Now the scorecard can be brought up on screen by a logged - in captain and only the incorrect part edited and saved.
Only the participating captains can edit a given score and a log is kept of the event. This is why it is password protected.
This is not serious security, so it is permissible to store the captain's user name & password in your browser.
If a username or password is forgotten, just phone/email/text.
A new 'User Guide' to logging on and registering your team is now available from the 'Document Downloads' page.