League Structure
This page explains how the current league sections were put together and informs of name or venue changes
 See 'Team Details' page for full team details and venue directions using dynamic Google Maps and StreetView
(See 'Notes' at bottom of page for additional explanations)
  Green New team this year     (P)   = Promoted from 2019  
  Yellow Name or Venue change     (R)  = Relegated from 2019  
  Premier     Section A
  1   Sporty Rejects     6 (R) Duck Sports
  2   Athletico Talbot     7   Carterton Social
  3   Griffins     8   Three Pigeons
  4   Bell B     9   Jolly Sportsman  
  5  (P) Morris Marauders     10 (P) Curbridge Griffins  
  Section B     Section C
  1 (R) Crown Roundheads  (Was Red Lion A)   1 (R) Windrush Cockerels (Moved from Carpenters)
  2   Jockey Club     2   Rose & Crown  
  3   Rowing Machine A     3   Eynsham SSC  
  4   Morris Clowns     4   Elm Tree (Was Windrush Club)
  5   Lord Kitchener     5   Minster Lovell SSC  
  6   Rowing Machine B (Was White Hart ML A)    6   Crown Clangers (Moved from Bell)
  7   Bampton Ducks (Moved to Horseshoe)   7 (P) Morris Midgets  
  8 (P) West Witney SSC     8 (P) Wychwood Brewery Vets* (Moved from Carpenters) 
  9 (P) Witney Snooker Club     9 (P)  Pheasant Pluckers
  10 (P) Cross Keys Dogs (Moved from Carpenters)   10 (P) Lamb & Flag A  
  Section D     Section E
(R) Bell A     1 (R) Trout  
  Fox Leafield A       Horseshoe (Was Shoeless Romany) 
  Kitcheners     3   Nomads  
  Cross Keys     4   Carterton FC  
  Talbot's Alternates       Troutlets  
(P) Morris Minors      (P)   Carps A  
(P) Beehive     (P)  White Hart ML (Was 'B')
(P)  Chequers     (P)  Clanfield FC (Was Bell Langford)
(P) Touchliners     (P)  Talbot Utd (Was Bampton Utd)
  10    BYE     10    BYE  
        (Was Plough Finstock)          
  Section F     Section G
  1 (R) Tavernites     1   Pink Every Time  
  (R)  The Vic       Griffindors  
    Wombles       Sherborne Social  
     Windrush Inn       Hailey's Last Stand  
    Romany Beginners       Sticks Of Fury (New team - Witney RFC)
    Lamb & Flag B       Swinbrook Cricket Club (New team - Swinbrook)
    Taverners (Was Red Lion B)     Throwers Of Spartan (New team -Witney Snooker Club)
    Hobgoblins* (Was Here For The Beer)     White Hart Eynsham (New team)
  (P) Masonic Chuckers       Fox Leafield B (New team)
  10    BYE     10    BYE  
    The starting point is to promote/demote according to our '2 up/2 down' rule. (This obviously excludes top and bottom sections).
    Where other teams appear to have been promoted, this is to fill gaps created by non-returning teams from the previous year.