The concept of this page is credited to Darren Lloyd.

This page will answer the membership's most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that's not covered here, then send it in.

  1. Can I claim a game
  2. Cancelled games
  3. Unplayed games
  4. Does the caller have to be a player
  5. Tossing
  6. What is a 'clean doll'
  7. How should I call
  8. Getting latest web page info
  9. Personalised Fixture List
  10. Annual fee payments - how can I pay
  11. Mixed Pairs - female entrants
  12. Why are some games permitted to be played outside the season dates?
  13. What happens in the event of a no-show on Finals Night

1. Claiming a game

Q. If the opposing team are late or don't turn up - can we claim the first leg or the game ?

A. There is no automatic right to claim anything. Report the facts to the Secretary and any appropriate action will be taken at the next Committee meeting. See also 2 below.

2. Cancelled games

Q. So what happens if a game is cancelled?

A. It is the responsibility of the cancelling team's captain to :-
a) Inform the opposing captain and the Secretary immediately
b) To agree a replay date with the opposing captain within 14 days of the cancellation and inform the Secretary.

The match does not have to be played within 14 days, unless it is the last game of the season*.
If you still have the return game to play, then consider playing a 'double header'.
*From 2018, all games must be completed by the last league match of the season - there is no catch-up period.(See also Q13).

3. Unplayed games

Q. So what if the game can't be re-arranged or is cancelled a second time?

A. Based on the circumstances, the Committee will adjudicate against the offender. The other team will be awarded 3 legs and average dolls. If the cancellation occurs during the first half of the season, the doll average is not added until week 9. If circumstances dictate it, a 0-0 nullment is also a possible outcome. Awarded dolls are 'team dolls' and are not normally allocated to individual players, unless specifically requested eg if it affects highest doll scorer.

4. Caller

Q. Does the caller have to be playing in the current game?

A. No, the caller can be any registered team member. They may however only score one leg of the match. (This does not apply to the beer leg)

5. Tossing

Q. Do I need to toss for a 3 sticker or a 1 sticker?

A. Yes, every time in a league match.

6. A Clean Doll

Q. So what constitutes a clean doll ?

A. Once thrown, the stick must contact the doll before anything else (including tree branches!). The doll must fall off and hit the floor.

7. Calling

Q. So how should I call ?

A. Clearly call a doll so that it can be heard by the thrower - you should call "Doll" or "1" "2" "3" etc, then call the thrower's total at the end.

If you're having difficulty deciding if it was a doll - give it. THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO CALL AN IRON

8. Getting the latest web page info

Q. When I visit a particular web page, I don't always see the latest version. Why is this?

A. Web browsers save a 'local copy' of pages you've visited and it may be that your browser is showing you what it saved on your last visit rather than what is current. Refresh the page (press F5 on a PC) and you should see the current info. On tablets or smart phones, tap the icon shown below, which is positioned somewhere near the adddress bar of your browser.

9. Personalised Fixture List

Q. Someone told me I can print a personalised Fixture List - How do I do it?

A. You can indeed. Go to the 'League Fixtures' page of the 'League ' section. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you'll see a list of teams by section. Click on your team to see a 'Home/Away' personalised list. You can read about printing it in the 'Guide to Printing' document in the 'Documents Downloads' page.

10. Annual fee payments

Q. How can I pay my team fees?

A. Your annual fee is a flat rate, set by the Committee which currently includes free entry to all competitions. Because of recently applied bank charges, we now ask you to pay by electronic transfer to minimise our outgoings. Our account details are listed on the link 'Contact Us', on the home page. Receipts will be provided on request. There is normally a discount (£5) for early payment - before the AGM.

11. Mixed Pairs - female entrants

Q. Can I partner a female in the Mixed Pairs competition who doesn't play in league games?

A. Yes, providing you register her on your team list before competition entry.

12.Late Matches

Q. Why are some matches permitted to be played outside season dates ?

A. Normally unplayed or unscored games are adjudicated at the end of the season. However, if that would result in a promotion or a relegation, the Committee will insist that the game is played and will allow additional time.

13.No show at Finals Night

Q. What happens in the event of a no-show in a competition final?

A. To avoid a 'shoe-in' to the other finalist, assuming sufficient notice is given, the losing semi-finalist will be substituted for the cancelled player (or team).