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Unplayed matches on 8th September
9th Sept
We know that some matches were not played last night at the request of venue management and so propose the following:-
Rule 3.11 which states that all games must be completed by 15/09 is temporarily suspended and we've extended the season until our next Committee
meeting on 27/09 to allow completion of fixtures. Any still outstanding at that date will be adjudicated. This also applies to scores not entered.
Everything comes to he who waits...(and throws)
26th Aug
After many years of playing Aunt Sally for numerous teams and pubs, Claude Gianni of the Troutlets ('Dat's my boy') finally achieved his first well deserved 6
and the first in Section D this season. Well done Claude.
What impressed me was the enthusiastic cheering of the Elm Tree players, witnessing a six for the first time. That's the spirit of the game - well done lads.
Entering Scores
20th Aug
In response to a couple of recent verbal mutterings about late scores:-
Whilst the default is for the home captain to enter scores before the Sunday following the match, there are instances where it's not happening.
As we get closer to the end of the season, it becomes more important to be able to see your team's position in the league tables.
If the score still hasn't been uploaded by the Monday following the match, then it is perfectly OK for the 'away' captain to enter the scores.
Obituary - Eddie Edwards
14th Jul
It is with the deepest sadness that we have to report the passing of Eddie Edwards.
Eddie played in many great teams over the years, starting off in the Oxford League before moving to West Oxfordshire where he played firstly
in the Wychwood League, where his team reigned supreme for many years before moving to play in the Bampton League.
Eddie's last full season for the Bampton League was in 2019 when he scored 151 dolls.
He was well known, and respected by all who knew him and although he may have been a top player was always extremely humble with it
and keen to offer advice to help others improve.

In short Eddie was a true gentleman and he we will be greatly missed by all that knew him in the numerous leagues that he played in.

Eddie's funeral will take place at 10.00 am on Thursday the 21st of July followed by drinks at The Windrush Pub, Burford Road, Witney.
Awarded games
22nd Jun
Taverners and Silverbacks have been awarded 3 legs + average dolls for their unplayed games against Rowing Machine and Dolly Spartan respectively.
Average dolls will be added at week 9
Competition entry
14th May
Competition entry is now open - accessible via the captain's menu. We'll let it run until June 20th.
Because we only managed a partial season last year, the criteria for entry to the Sub 5s is limiting, so we have decided not to run it for this year.
It will be held as normal next year, using this year's data as entry criteria.
Apart from the Sub 5s, make sure you enrol all your entrants in one go. Any problems - just shout.
First Sixes of the season
13th May
Two on the second night of the season! - well done chaps - one from the top section and one from the bottom.
Max Everett - Bell B - Premier
Mick Stickley - Touchliners - Section E
Charlbury 'World Aunt Sally Championship'
10th May
Come on - we've taken the Interleague - someone mosey down to Charlbury and lift this one with accompanying prize of £100,
Link to web site to register
First night scoring glitches
5th May
One or two odd scoring anomalies have occurred -I'm leaving them up while we analyse the problem. Bear with us.
Section B - team withdrawal
24th April
Regrettably, have just been informed of the withdrawal of 'Windy's' in Section B, owing to lack of players.
A 'BYE' has been inserted, but if you know of any dispossessed players who might still form a team, get in touch.
7th April
The AGM will be held tomorrow (8th April) at Bampton Village Hall. Doors open at 7:30 for an 8:00pm start.
Brian Collins will be present if you wish to buy sticks or dolls.
REMINDER - 2020 Virtual Competitions.
The prizes won in the Virtual Competitions of 2020 (see list below) will be made available to those turning up to the AGM in person.
Payment will be made via bank transfer.
Final Registrations
29th March
At the time of writing, there are 48 teams registered, with 3 days remaining. To those still intending to join, can we strongly advise you to do it as soon as possible.
We will close applications once we reach 50 teams (or at 12:00pm on Friday).
Subscription Discount
27th March
This year's subscription is £50 per team, but with a £5 discount if paid before the AGM (8th April).
Payment by electronic transfer please to avoid bank charges.
Bank Account Details are now listed on the 'Contact Us' page.
23rd March
As of today there are 38 teams registered, with 10 days remaining. To those still intending to can we strongly advise to do it as soon as possible.
We may opt to close registration at specific numbers in order to minimise byes and it would be unfortunate to have to decline your application.
Season Update
1st March
All you need to know is in the Pre-AGM newsletter which can be viewed by clicking here - and is also copied to the 'Document Downloads' page.
Key Dates are also uploaded.
Preparing for a FULL SEASON....
1st February
We've been busy bringing the web site code up to date and adding a new feature that we're sure you'll appreciate - more later.
We're in the process of returning the site to an 18 week status, so ignore ant oddities over the next few weeks.
We will be opening up for team registration on February 1st, with our first Committee meeting set for February 22nd.
We anticipate that venues could well be the issue for the coming year, so start talks with yours as soon as possible to secure your place.
Periodically check the 'Last Updated' date on the home page to ensure that you've seen the latest info.