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Throwers Of Spartan

Venue & Contact Details

Venue: Witney Snooker Club
Address: Eagle Industrial Estate
Town: Witney
Postcode: OX28 4YR
Telephone Number: 01993 779078
Licensee: Steven Mercer

Captain's Contact Details

Captain:Jamie Hopkins
Contact Phone: 01993779078
Contact Email: info@witneysnooker.co.uk

Team Players

Played for last year
Alex ThomsonNone
Alex Simpson
Beth Davies
David Pryse
Donny Henderson
Frank Clarke
Hannah Dyer
Harry Thomson
Henry ClarkeNone
James SimpsonNone
Jamie HopkinsNone
John ClarkeNone
Josh HookinsNone
Lucy Hill
Luke PettiferNone
Matt Timms
Matthew SweirgonNone
Tom WilliamsNone