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Play what ?

Aunt Sally is essential pub sport for all ages* and genders - and unique to a 25 mile radius around Oxford. It's played between teams of six players and to be enjoyed with 'responsible' quaffing of ale on balmy summer evenings !? The object of the game is to see how many times you can knock a wooden 'doll' off a post by throwing 6 sticks at it from a distance of 30 feet - simples !

You can see the 'doll' in the picture below- a 6" high wooden skittle, sitting on a swivelled post 2' 6" above the ground. (No metric measurements here !)

Just behind the doll is a canvas backdrop to catch the incoming stick. A painted bullseye helps you aim at the doll. The stick is a wooden baton 18" long and 2" or less in diameter. Its weight varies between 1-2lb according to preference. You stand 30 feet away, behind a throwing line and (underarm) throw each of your six sticks in turn at the doll. Games are the best of three legs followed by a fourth leg ‘for beer’ - ie the losers buy a drink for the winners!

* If you're old enough to be in a pub, you can play.

You can see past team results, players and stats by clicking the 'Archives' link on the left and choosing a year.

Interested - so what to do ? - Firstly, we would ask that you are prepared to commit for the duration of a season.

If you're a new venue or team - get in touch - see contact details below.

If you're an individual, talk first to your friends to try to get them interested in forming a team, then get in touch and we'll try to find you a venue.

The Committee reserves the right to cap the number of teams to minimise byes in the lower sections.

Contact - League Secretary (Barry) - admin@bamptonauntsally.org (01367 253788)