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Wychwood Vets

Venue & Contact Details

Venue: Wychwood Brewery
Address: The Crofts
Town: Witney
Postcode: OX28 4DP
Telephone Number: 01993 890800
Licensee: Will Keating

Captain's Contact Details

Captain:Jerry Tillson
Contact Phone: 01993 774612
Contact Email: jerry.tillson@live.co.uk

Team Players

Played for last year
Adam Lonsdale
Brian MessengerCarpenters Veterans
Dave HoggCarpenters Veterans
Dave Evans
Fred CousinsCarpenters Veterans
Gavin TillsonCarpenters Veterans
Guy LonsdaleCarpenters Veterans
Jerry TillsonCarpenters Veterans
John EllisCarpenters Veterans
Jon Tillson
Mary LonsdaleCarpenters Veterans
Ross LonsdaleCarpenters Veterans
Russ GoodCarpenters Veterans