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Fox Leafield A

Venue & Contact Details

Venue: Fox Inn
Address: The Green
Town: Leafield
Postcode: OX29 9NP
Telephone Number: 01993 878647
Licensee: Joe McGuinness

Captain's Contact Details

Captain:Tom Gonzales
Contact Phone: 07772807768
Contact Email: Permission NOT given

Team Players

Played for last year
Gary BillowsFox Leafield
Geoff GibbonsFox Leafield
Jake BillowsFox Leafield
Jamie Conroy
Joe McguinnessFox Leafield
Jon ReedFox Leafield
Kieran MullinsFox Leafield
Paul HarrisFox Leafield
Peter CoxFox Leafield
Rich Sutton Fox Leafield
Tom GonzalesFox Leafield