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Section: Premier/A Curbridge Griffins v Morris Marauders 2nd May
The first game of the season saw the Marauders play the Curbridge Griffins who are captained by the infamous Davey Adams.

The Marauders now promoted to the Premier, after finally being crowned A section in 2018, the Curbridge Griffins winning Section B in the same year.

The first Leg saw the Marauders set and they could only manage a score of 11 dolls, the Curbridge Griffins passed this with ease with their first 4 players and eventually ended up with 16 dolls with a blob included.

The next leg saw the Griffin boys Set and score 13 dolls with yet another blob! The Marauders in response started off steadily and left Dickie Weedon playing at 5 and Richard Wheeler at anchor needing six dolls to win between them. Weedon clanged off 3 leaving Wheeler 2 for a draw, 3 for the win, he scored a 4 and the game was now one leg apiece.

The final leg again saw the Griffin set and scores of 1,3,2,4,3,2 gave them a total of 15 dollies, The Marauders started well, with Martyn Seacole hitting 4, the next 3 players however could only manage 2 dolls between them and it all came down to anchor man Richard Wheeler who needed 6 for a draw. He made a valiant effort and hit the first 4 off, hit the iron with his fifth stick and got his last.

The Griffin claimed victory and begin the hunt for the A section trophy, the Marauders must now regroup and begin the long hard battle to avoid relegation back to the A Section. Man of the match was Rich Wheeler of the Marauders 3,4,5 and for the Griffins top scorer was Bill Timms 4,2,3 assuring him of a place in next week’s team (they drop the lowest 3 each week, that's pressure for you!)

As per normal some of the calling from both sides caused a few eyebrows too be raised, but that's Aunt Sally, and it's seldom that anyone throws their toys out of the pram at this level.

It was a good spirited match between two fairly evenly matched teams, beer was good and the Pizzas supplied after the game where fantastic, always a good night to be had playing Aunt Sally at The Griffin.