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Inaugural Season Celebrations at the Wychwood Tap Room - proper beer at silly prices! 18th September
To mark their first season as a venue in the Bampton League, the Wychwood Brewery Tap Room would like to invite you to a celebratory
drink on Thursday 19th September. All beers will be on sale at £2.50 per pint and there will be a rare cask of Blackwych (porter) to try.
Pop on down and check it out Wychwood Tap Room, The Crofts, Witney, 0X28 4DP
Competition Semi-Finals 9th September
The semis were held at the Morris Clown last night and produced the following results
Primary 4 A Side : Lord Kitchener 1 Carterton Social 2  
  Bampton Ducks 0 Athletico Talbot 2  
Pairs: Neil Tanner & Nick Newman 0 Richard Wheeler & Martyn Seacole 2  
  Anthony Algar & Colin Smith 0 Dale Edmunds & Paul Gill 2  
Singles: Paul Gill 1 Steve Cleaver 2  
  Ryan Hewer 0 Dale Edmunds 2  
Congratulations to all Finalists. See you all on the 19th October.
What a way to finish the season...... 5th September
Talk about save the best 'til last - in their final game against Morris Marauders, Carterton Social's Grayson Fisher missed with his first stick,
but went on to score an incredible 17 - the highest individual score that I can find recorded for the Bampton League. Well done that man!
I knew it would only be a matter of time .. pleased to add that on May 8th 2003 Kevin Giles also scored a 17 (6,6,5) while playing for Saddlers A against the Swan.
The reason I didn't know about it is that it preceeds modern recording methods (tablet of clay found in an allotment shed?)
So, one every 16 years - unless someone else knows better...
Return of Trophies 19th August
It's that time of year again - we need all trophies returning for engraving prior to this year's Finals Night. Would you please arrange for your trophy to
be taken to either Witney Trophy Centre (Corn Street) or Morris Clown Bampton.
When you received the trophy last October, it was all nice and shiny - it would be good to get it back in the same condition.
Deadline for return - September 10th. Thank you.
Footnote to below - Lindy's Funeral 8th August
To all who have expressed support and condolence - LIndy was buried today in a private humanist ceremony at Fairspear Natural Burial Ground
near Leafield. She chose the site because of our longstanding fund raising for the Wychwood Project and what a choice - it's a stunning site.
To those who wished to pay their last respects, in her will, Lindy specified the nature of her funeral in precise detail - as you might imagine if you knew her !
nominating only a small group of close friends and family attendees.
Soon, a memorial will be erected and subject to making an appointment with the site owner, you can visit if you wish.
Finally a heartfelt thank you to all who have offered support over the last three weeks. Please keep it up - there's still a long road ahead.
If you're not religious and want a secular and personal approach to your or a loved one's funeral ceremony check out the Humanist Society
Obituary - Lindy Flavell 15th July
This is the one I never thought I'd be writing - with the utmost grief and sadness, I have to tell you that we lost Lindy today after she sustained a massive
stroke on Saturday.
Lindy with the Ladies singles trophy - which she won 5 times - the current highest holder
Shortly after we started our relationship in 1995, she introduced me to Aunt Sally and we played out of the Three Horseshoes Lechlade
(sadly now converted to private housing). A nomadic career followed, playing at the Royal Oak, Plough Kelmscott, Five Alls and finally the Trout.
Lindy joined the Committee in 2010, championing the lower section teams and unsurprisingly lady players and has provided thoughtful and balanced
contributions and was always a ready listener and moderator to some of my dafter ideas.
The world is a sad place today. No phone calls for a while please.
Strokes can get anyone, but those of us of advancing years and waistlines are more at risk. They are often preceded by 'mini strokes',
which may almost go unnoticed or be ignored. For your sake and your loved ones, find out about these varied symptoms and seek immediate advice if you
think one has occurred.
Communicating match cancellations
4th July
Throughout my watch, one recurring theme has been poor communication over match cancellation.
Ultimately, as recently happened, this can result in a 'no-show' when food has been prepared, which annoys both team and venue staff.
It is our experience that communicating via venue staff can be extremely unreliable, leading to messages not being passed on.
We would request that all communication is captain to captain - preferrably in writing (text/email) which can be referenced in case of dispute.
Also please let us know immediately. (Rule 3.1)
If you haven't read it yet, refer to the current Chipping Norton Rule 11 ('Other Leagues' link on home page) - do you want us to go down that route ?
Match cancellations
21st June
For interest, here is a graph of cancelled matches to date -
Obituary - Mick Williams
30th May
With sadness, we report to you the passing of Mick Williams after a difficult and protracted illness.
Mick has been a stalwart of the Bampton League for many, many years, playing for several of the pubs and clubs in the south-east corner of our region.
2017 saw Mick's final season playing for the Volunteer Faringdon, finishing top of the team scoreboard with a 121 across 16 games.
His competition career peaked in 2004, with Mens Singles and Mixed Pairs wins (I know - they beat Lindy & I !) and the Mens' Pairs with another
great loss - Paul Featherstone.
Our thoughts go out at this time to Dawn, family and friends.
Mick's cremation will be held at 12:30pm on Wednesday 19th June at the South Oxford Crematorium, Garford (OX13 5PA)
Mick receiving his Men's Singles Tropy
AGM minutes
29th May
If you're interested, a draft copy of the AGM minutes 2019 can be viewed here
Bookmarked pages
16th May
Several of you will have bookmarked certain pages over the years to allow quick acess - eg Fixtures, Scoring etc
This has caused some problems this year, because you're being re-directed to old - and sometimes inaccurate pages - particularly scoring.
I've removed the old scoring page - you must log in to access scoring. Other 'old' pages have been left in situ while work is completed,
but will be removed over time.
Re-bookmark your current favourite pages by all means, but appreciate that you must log in each time to enter scores and that
in bypassing the 'Home' page, you may be missing out on critical news headlines.
Match score display error
11th May
There was a bug in the scorecard display code, which, in some cases was showing either incorrect player names, zero score or wrong throwing order.
It's fixed now, but is a timely reminder to please RETAIN YOUR COPIES/PHOTOS OF EXISTING MATCH SCORES - we may need to refer back to them.
Thanks to everyone who fed back on this problem.
Not entirely sure that the Set/Chased display is always working correctly - if you spot a discrepancy - shout.
Sixes galore
10th May
Is 'busload' a collective noun for sixes - because none came along in week one , yet we had FIVE (at least) last night.
Three happened in one match - between Griffins (David Edwards & Kevin Giles) against Curbridge Griffins (Bill Mills)
The other two were both scored by Ady Pitts (Athletico Talbot), who currently holds the highest single match score of 14. Well done Ady
New Feature - Match Reports
14th April
Whilst the Committee accepted the request to display (optional) match reports on the web site, there is nothing yet to suggest a significant uptake.
Added to this is the need to moderate content - and we are fully mindful of the fate of the Oxford League Forum!
Consequently, we will trial a system for this year, where anyone wishing to can email a match report and (subject to suitability) it will be published on a
new 'Match News' page.
At the end of the season, we'll carry out an analysis and survey the membership to determine its viability and how we manage it for the future.
Change of Venue
7th April
Please note that last year's 'Red Lion A' and 'Clangers' have moved from the Red Lion and Bell to the Old Crown Inn, Faringdon.
Red Lion A are now known as 'Crown Roundheads' and the 'Clangers' as 'Crown Clangers'
The on-line Fixtures list has been updated to show this.
Fixtures & 8 A Side Draw
7th April
These are now published and can be viewed, downloaded and printed from the 'Documents Downloads ' page.
A glitch in the team registration process led to some teams not being included - this has now been rectified.
Potential cut-off at 60 teams
7th March
In order to minimise byes, we may choose to impose a cut-off of 60 teams. Anyone registering after the 60th will be put on a reserve list and will be
selected based on total entriesc and a Committee decision.
Easter Aunt Sally - for a charitable cause
1st March
Happy to include this promotion for a Wychwood event at Easter for a good cause.See 'Features'
Fees for 2019
21st February
The fees will be held at £45 for this season - WITH A £5 DISCOUNT IF PAID BEFORE THE AGM (5th April)
You can pay by cash or cheque at the AGM (or Morris Clown) or by electronic bank transfer if you request details. Receipts will be provided on request.
Web Site Update
5th February
We've been working on a long overdue update to the web site - see 'Features Page' opposite for details.
First Committee Meeting & AGM
13th January
Will be on Tuesday February 19th @ Morris Clown and the AGM has been booked for Friday 5th April.