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Swinbrook Riverday - Saturday June 29th
18th May
For a great day out (with Aunt Sally!) and to support a really good cause, why not paddle down to :-
Inter-League 2019
18th April
Report by Dave Tillyer - Bampton's Inter-League Team Manager:
After gaining victory in the Inter :League shield last year, the Bampton and district Inter-League squad once again ventured to General Foods Social Club in Banbury.
The team featured many of those who represented us last year, and all of those selected had played regularly during the winter, the following players were selected.
Paul Gill & Max Everett (Bell B) Stevie Cleaver (Duck Sports) Dave “ Fonzie” Lee & Eddie Edwards (Griffins) Neil Lyon (3 Pigeons), Martyn Seacole (Morris Marauders) and Jeff Glenister (Bampton Indoor League) with Mark Rollins the current Oxford league singles champion returning as anchor man.
The first game was against our old friends the Wychwood League, Bampton set and could only manage 19 dolls in total with Eddie Edwards getting a 5 with his first throw. Wychwood responded with 27 dolls with their first 4 players all hitting 4 apiece and Mark Revill hitting a six.
In the second leg Bampton set again with a very respectable score of 27 with a blob, 3,X,2,4,4,5,5,4 Edwards again hitting 5 dolls with 3 times Oxford singles champion Neil Lyon also hitting 5 dolls. Jeff glenister, Fonzie Lee and Hitman Rollins all scoring 4 dolls.
Again Wychwood got off to a flying start and with scores of 45255422, anchor man Keith Powell only needing to avoid blobbing to take the match, Wychwood romped to victory.
For the second year running Bampton again dropped into the Plate competition and found themselves facing the “ Auld enemy”, the Chipping Norton League. In recent years we have always come off worst in our encounters with the Chippy League. Several of Chippy’s more senior players have however migrated over to the Banbury League in recent years and they are currently in a state of rebuilding their diminished squad and are not the force that they once where but fielded several talented younger players along with former world champions, and all round nice guys Trevor Dyer, and Steve McCateer.
Bampton set and hit 22 dolls, 3,3,1,2,4,4,4,1, in reply Chippy could only respond with 15 dolls. Unsurprising Chippy then opted to set in the second leg (Oxford tossing rules are used in this competition, legs 1 and 3 are tossed for with the losing captain of the first toss having the choice in the second leg) Chippy posted a score of 23 with Chippy anchor Graham Barrett hitting a five. Bampton responded well, and reached the target score without Anchor man Mark Rollins needing to throw. Again there was some good steady throwing over the two legs Martyn Seacole 3,4 Eddie Edwards 3,4 Stevie Cleaver 1,2 Jeff Glenister 2,4 Fonzie Lee 4,4 Max Everett 4,3, Neil Lyon 4,3 and as for the Hit man, Mark Rollins he hardly needed to throw. Victory to Bampton 2-0.
Bampton where now through to the plate final, but it would be a disservice to the game of Aunt Sally not to mention the epic battle that was taking place on an adjoining pitch between the Banbury league and the wychwood league. With both leagues taking a leg each, the third and deciding leg saw Wychwood set a score of 22, Banbury where very slow to respond and only had 16 dolls on the board when veteran Anchor man Steve “The Legend” Arthurs stepped up to throw , a six for a draw! A seemingly impossible task, and yet the biggest cheer of the night went up when he got all six dolls, in a hushed hall and kept his team in the game, which they unfortunately they eventually lost on 3 sticks.
The Plate final was against the Bicester League, with Bampton looking to retain the trophy they had won in 2018. Bicester set in the first leg hitting 22,Bampton however seemed to have gone off the boil and several low scores and a couple of blobs left Anchor man Mark Rollins an impossible 9 to win yet again he didn’t throw. The middle order played well with Jeff Glenisters 5 and Max Everrett’s 4 Sandwiched between the two blobs.
In the second leg, Bampton could only set 19, and current World Champion Kevin Powney who plies his trade at the Black Bull Launton wrappped things up for the Bicester League.
Bicester 2 Bampton 0
The main Inter-League shield was retained by the Oxford League, and Bicester taking the plate. Thanks to Pete Dempsey of the Banbury League who year on year organises the competition, and also to Fred Cook, Joe Smith and David Edwards who travelled to give their support to the Bampton team.
Changes to the Bampton Web Site
Feb 2019
 What's happening ?
Your web site has been in existence in more or less the same form since 2006. During those 12 years a huge amout of technological change has
taken place, including the computer code that makes it work safely.
(Think how many versions of Windows have come and gone - XP; Vista; Win7; Win8 and now on Win10)
We've been accumulating funds to permit a complete re-write to bring it not only up to date but to endure for 1000 years -
(no, not really - got carried away there!)
The main purposes of the re-build are:-
  • Bring it up to date and make it secure.
  • Try to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Ensure that the future management of the web site could be carried out by people with little or no technical knowledge
  • To add new features to benefit the membership
Work is well under way and we are about to launch the first part of it for 2019 team registration.
For a while, the site will consist of a combination of old and new pages and the odd glitch - please bear with us.
So, what's new?
Permission to Publish:-
Each year as part of team registration, we'll ask captains to give permission to publish telephone and email details of the team contact.
(By 'publish', we mean display on the web site for others to use - eg cancelled games). If permission is not given, then communication will have to
take place via the Secretary.
Captain's Login :-  
As part of team registration, captains will be asked to register a username and password. This will be used to access some of the new features
described below.
Scorecard corrections:  
If an error is discovered after entering a score, either match captain will be able to log in and correct the error.
All totals will be automatically re-calculated. Only in extreme cases will a score need to be completely re-entered.
Score display:-  
On viewing a scorecard, it will list players in the order that they threw and indicate which side set for each leg.
Match Report:-  
Those suitably inclined can add a short text description of the game, which will be attached to the scorecard.
(This will be monitored for obvious reasons!)
Edit team details:-  
Captains will be able to edit team details and add new players at any time.
In the pipeline for 2020 and beyond :-
  • Cancelled games - the ability to manage your own cancelled games. This will have built-in time frames and communication to the Committee.
  • Competitions - complete on-line management