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Unpaid Fees
29th March
Just a reminder that no competition or league scores will be credited until fees have been paid. There were 10 outstanding at the time of writing.
8 A Side Competition - Advice
29th March
Over the past few years, we've seen an increasing number of teams opting out of the 8s competition - which is their prerogative. However some don't tell us and we create and publish
the draw and then receive complaints from teams whose opponents just never turned up - annoying if food was provided . So may I suggest that you check the draw listing and just call
your opponent and confirm that they're playing.
Documentation for 2017 Released
29th March
This morning the following documents were created and can be downloaded/printed from below and via the 'Document Downloads' link on the home page.
Sections and Fixtures List Rules 2017 8 A Side Round One Draw
The 'League Structure' page explains how this year's sections have been set.
The dynamic league pages will be created over the next few days.
Pre AGM Newsletter & Key Dates
23rd February
A copy of the Pre AGM newsletter and Key Dates can be downloaded from here and from the 'Document Downloads' link on the home page.
Note that an extra week has been inserted between the end of the league matches and the final 8 A Side heats. This is a 'catch-up' week for cancelled games, to help those still in the 8s.
Because of the increased use of phones to receive emails, then to keep data to a minimum, just a notification email will be sent out, rather than the full document.